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Fundraising and Volunteering

The Parnell Fund  needs the support of people like you to continue our critical work. Come along and join in one of our  fundraising event, organise your own, or become a volunteer.

Help us to make a difference to the lives of urology patients and their families!


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       Each year the Parnell fund  holds a number of fundraising events and exciting challenges to help combat urological disease.

  •    See how you can take part and have fun!



Fundraising Ideas

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Many of our supporters organise their own fundraising events

If you want to raise funds for the Parnell Fund , you’re not limited to our official events

We are grateful of any support people can give and please  remember It’s not all running marathons and  your event doesn’t have to be on a grand  scale! In fact, ! From auctions to zany clothes days, there are loads of wonderful ways to help us

Organise your own fundraising auction. Why not auction off your talents for the day?

Bike ride
Pedal for Awareness Why not organise a bike ride and turn it into a sponsored event

Cheese and Wine night

Hold a cheese and wine party and charge people to come

Matched giving
Double the money you raise fundraising by asking local businesses to support your cause

  Organise a child and parent activity day

Organise children’s parties or activities egg & spoon ,three legged race – fun for all

Zany clothes day
Instead of a dress down day, dress up! Charge a fee and wear a zany costume that will brighten everyone’s day!


Volunteer for The Parnell Fund


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We,re a small  Charity  who feel passionate about the work we do.Every penny raised goes towards  support, education and raising awareness about urological conditions.

But the Parnell Fund couldn’t continue without the kind help of volunteers!  Volunteering is both a chance to give something back  and an opportunity to use your abilities in new enjoyable way.



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    February 11, 2014

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Upcoming events

  • Up Pompeii Triathlon Challenge
    January 29, 2017

    THRILLS, SPILLS AND HIJINKS ON THE UP POMPEII TRIATHLON For their 2017 charity challenge, once again, Mr Jeremy Ockrim will be leading a group of intrepid adventures to support  The Parnell Fund  on their quest in raising awareness and funds for those suffering from urological conditions. Following the success of last years “All Roads Lead […]

  • All roads Lead To Rome
    January 29, 2017

    For their 2016 charity challenge to raise awareness and funds for those suffering from urological conditions, 16 intrepid cyclists from the field of Urology based at UCLH Westmoreland Street and from the world of business joined The Parnell Fund Founders Consultant Urological Surgeon Mr Jeremy Ockrim and patient Neville Parnell in raising nearly £3000 by […]